There are so many accounting packages out there, it can be tricky to know which ones will best support your needs. Here are our Top 5.


QuickBooks by Intuit tends to be our tool of choice. Its user-friendly design, clear layout and handy features makes it ideal for a wide range of small businessesQuickBooks helps you keep all your financials in one place.

You can connect to your bank account, automate invoices, manage cash flow, speed up payments and record all your expenses via the app. You can also share access with your accountant, so you’re both viewing the same information. This is a handy feature, whether they’re completing your bookkeeping or you are.


Xero automates many of the bookkeeping and banking tasks you’d rather not do, freeing up hours of your time. You can use Xero to get paid faster with mobile invoicing, set automatic payment reminders and create online payment facilities.

One of its best features is the ability to log in anytime, from any device, to get current financial information. It also lets you reconcile your latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions to keep everything in one place. Additionally, you can create records for customers, suppliers, employees and items. You can then use these in standard customizable transactions like invoices, purchase orders and quotes.


If you take regular payments or instalments – from monthly Direct Debits to regular subscription payments – Go Cardless makes it very simple. With GoCardless, your customers can sign up to monthly Direct Debits, so you never have to chase for regular payments.

It has a well-designed and intuitive interface that’s easy to understand, and it integrates perfectly with QuickBooks and Xero so you can tie it all into your company accounts and keep manual inputting to a minimum. Best of all, there’s no set up cost and their Standard Tarif offers low transaction fees of just 1% per transaction. There’s a minimum transaction fee of 20p and a maximum of £2 – so you’ll never pay more than that.


Receipt Bank lets you quickly scan in all your business receipts and invoices. Simply snap or scan receipts from your PC or Smartphone, and upload them to your bookkeeping system. It’s another great app to reduce manual inputting of data.

With Receipt Bank, you can say goodbye to the stress of losing receipts, claiming expenses and painstakingly adding up costs. It also works seamlessly with QuickBooks or Xero to combine your receipts with your bookkeeping software. Receipt Bank can even draw your bill directly from your account – meaning you don’t need to log in and download the bill.


Fluidly uses artificial intelligence to give you cashflow forecasts based on actual trends. It connects to Quickbooks and Xero to update those figures in real-time. No more wondering how much cash is or isn’t available in your business, or stressing about whether you’ve enough money to make payroll or pay that tax bill.

Fluidly also has an inbuilt credit control system where you can set up customised reminder emails and schedule calls for different customers. This ensures any money owed to you is collected quickly and effectively, helping boost cashflow.

So there you have it! But before you go on an app shopping spree, work out what you need and what your processes are – so you can choose the right software for your business.

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