So. How’s business these days? Customers paying on time, profits growing, bookkeeping and payroll running like clockwork? Great! If not? Then here’s the answer.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll get straight to the point.

As a business owner or manager, you’ve probably faced at least one of these problems:

  • You’re working too many hours
  • You’re not making enough money
  • You’re frequently worried – about salaries, cash flow, tax bills and all the other challenges of running a business.


If so, you’re not alone; every business owner’s been there.

But not every business owner does something about it.

We’re a new breed of accountants, based in Shropshire – and we can give you MUCH more than you’re getting from your current accountant.

We don’t just send you some figures and leave you to work them out. We’ll help you put the right foundations in place, not to just tick the tax man’s boxes, but to actually flourish and grow as a business.

Just imagine how that would feel for a moment.

Imagine knowing exactly how much you’re making, that all your costs are covered, you have a clear plan for growth – and you’ve actually got a little time for yourself too.

How far are you away from that feeling?

About 15 minutes, actually…

Book a FREE discovery call with us and those 15 minutes could be game-changing; for your business and your life.

Just choose your slot online here and we’ll do the rest – or drop us a line  and we’ll get right back to you!

Marie, Louise + Kim

Aka your future accountants (we hope!)

PS: If you’re still not sure, here are 12 reasons to book a Discovery Call with us:


12 Reasons to Book a Discovery Call with Fresh Clarity

#1. We’re not your average chartered accountants

Bored, uninspired or unimpressed with your current accountants? We’re a new breed of accountants, based in Shropshire – not too far from you – and we can give you much more than you’re getting from your current accountant.


#2. We’ll help you build stronger foundations for your business

A business is like a house. If you jump into building the walls without laying the foundations (as many business owners do!), the walls will eventually collapse. That’s why we help you make sure your business is built on solid foundations.


#3. You’ll feel fully supported in your journey to success

For a business to thrive, you need to be surrounded by people who want you to succeed, who give you the support to keep going, and who listen to you. We are those people, and we will support you.


#4. You’ll feel much more clued-up about your finances

Our solutions aren’t just about us working on the numbers behind the scenes. We want you to understand your business finances too, so that you can make better-informed decisions.


#5. We’ll help you rediscover your passion for your business

When a business owner is genuinely passionate about what they do, it shows – customers can tell whether their passion and values run through the company culture. We’ll help you bring back that spark by helping you gain total control over your business.


#6. We’ll help you set clear, achievable goals – and stick to them

You have a far greater chance of achieving your goals if there’s someone holding you accountable for them. We’ll help you set realistic goals – and keep you firmly on track.

#7. We’ll show you how to start becoming more profitable

Cashflow is about the deposits and withdrawals you make; profit is the difference between your sales and expenses. We’ll look at what’s blocking your profits and help you remove those blocks.

#8. We’ll show you apps and programs that could change your working life

Whether you’re tech-savvy or a technophobe, we’ll introduce you to technologies that could truly change your working life, saving you hours (and headaches) every week.


#9. You’ll have more time to focus on the parts of your business you love                              

Business owners often try to do everything themselves, which can be distracting, exhausting and detrimental to your business. We’ll take away the financial tasks you don’t want to do, or have expertise in – freeing you up to focus on the things you’d rather do.


#10. You’ll discover how to improve your cashflow

We’ll give you lots of tips and advice on improving your cashflow, like using helpful apps, increasing your prices, risk profiling your customers and tweaking your terms to avoid late payments.


#11. We’ll get you fully compliant – if you aren’t already

We prepare and submit all the information required by HMRC and Companies House, from Year End accounts and payroll to tax and VAT returns – so you can be sure the correct information is reported and that you don’t incur unnecessary penalties for late submissions.


#12. You’ll remember what it means to have work-life balance

We believe you should be able to enjoy your business and your life, with time to enjoy the things that matter most – whether it’s taking regular time out for yourself, freedom to pursue other passions and hobbies or spending more time with family.


That’s not all; there are more benefits to working with Fresh Clarity than we can count!

Our prices start from just £200 a month, and our happy, inspired clients benefit from no nasty bills and surprises, complimentary tickets to our insightful business seminars, a handy Quick Query service.

During your 15-minute discovery call with us, you’ll know whether we could be the perfect accountant for you (and we’ll know whether you’re perfect for us!), and take the first step towards building a solid, successful and enjoyable future for your business.

There’s no obligation either way, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Ready? Let’s make a date.